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Welcome to my blog and my designs! Below is my TERMS OF USE. Please follow them...I greatly appreciate it!

*DOWNLOAD a copy HERE to read when you like.

All of the graphic images created by Dorothy Howell including any sample images, may be used for personal use only in your own design projects. These graphics may be altered for personal use including changing colors, sizing, cutting, etc.

1. No commercial use is allowed. Exception to this rule is use as Scrap4Hire & Others/ Crafts4Sale projects in which you may charge a fee. I allow this for small home based businees that have only ONE employee ONLY. You MAY sell cards and craft created with my images. They must be used ina project. You may NOT sell them as printed sheets..only as finished cards/crafts.

2. You may not re-sell the sheets/JPEGS or offer them as your own creations. My designs are NEVER to be used as a Designer Resource.

3. You may not alter these images or claim them as your own.

4. You may not freely distribute these graphics is any way either through groups nor upload to any file sharing site such as 4Shared or RapidShare.

5. Designs created using these graphics may be submitted to magazines, contests, and internet galleries with proper credit given to PrintCutNCreate / Dorothy Howell. If possible, please link your LOs to my blog http://printcutncreate.blogspot.com./

6. You may not use these files for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

All violations to any of the rules above is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and will be dealt with in the strictest terms of the law.

By using these graphics from PrintCutNCreate or by obtaining any free graphics made by Dorothy Howell, you are agreeing to the terms of this user license. These graphics, will never become your property.You are granted a licence to use these items by Dorothy Howell.

Also please e-mail me if you use my kit in any way, I would love to see all the creative ways my graphcs are used.

The material is granted to you "AS IS" with no guarantees. Dorothy Howell and PrintCutNCreate is not responsible for how you receive these graphics and/or what condition it's parts are in nor is responsible for any damages to your computerin using these graphics.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact Dorothy at printcutncreate@gmail.com.


I wanted to let you all know how I stand on the Pinterest controversy going on regarding copyright and what I am planning on doing about it.

"What is the Pinterest Controversy?" you ask.
Here is a great blog post explaining it a bit: DDKPortraits Pinterest Findings. Basically this started with professional photographers finding their images splattered all over Pinterest without their permission plus Pinterest has some very dodgy Terms of Service. Basically they own every image you place on your pin board and they can do whatever they want with it including selling it for their own profit without notifying the image copyright holder. You can see why professional photographers would be a bit up in arms about this. I personally don't blame them. There's more detail in the above link about it. Also read the comments underneath the post. Really interesting stuff!

I am a new Pinterest user and I do NOT want to infringe on anyone's copyright. I also love Pinterest and want to keep my small meagre boards. But I'm going to delete all the images I've pinned so far. Here is a list of how I plan to use Pinterest in the future:

1. When it come to pinning images on my own boards, I will only pin images from blogs/sites that have a Pinterest link either on the sidebar or in each blog post. This way I know that the site/blog owner allows thier images to be displayed on Pinterest.

2. Also I will make double sure that the image is the property of the blog or website owner. I am going to do my best to be vigilant that the images on my boards are copyright compliant. This way so even those who repin stuff from my Pinterest boards will be allowed to pin these images. Just trying to protect as many people as I can.

3.  If I ever see an image and I am not sure of the copyright, I WILL NOT pin it on Pinterest.

4. On my blog here I have a Pin It button on each post. The images on my blog will only be images that are my own and I allow them to be pinned on Pinterest. So this is my statement: All my own images and photos are ALLOWED to be posted on Pinterest. 

Yeah I know Pinterest owns them, yes I know they can sell them. I resize all my photos to 72 dpi and to around 600 pixels so I'm not too worried about them selling them. The quality is too poor for them to be used for much. I would like to share on Pinterest so I am going to be vigilant on copyright compliance on my site.

After you do all the research, have a good think about it, I hope you will all come to the same conclusion. We don't want the Copyright Police bangin on our door (or taking down our blogs!) because we posted a Pinned image somewhere we shouldn't have. You too should be very careful and be your own Copyright Police. Be careful and take a few minutes to research that image you're pinning. Make sure the copyright holder allows pinning. If you ain't sure, then be sensible and DON'T PIN IT. Thanks for reading my Pinterst TOU. Let's make the world a happier place!

Thank you and have a fabulous day!Cheers, Dorothy H.
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