30 March 2012

Friday Freebie!

Here is today's FREEBIE!

Don't be fooled by ther Preview!!! There are more than 6 papers in today's freebie...oh yeah....I have made this Fine Plaid paper pack into 35 different printer tested shades to give you so much choice when creating your paper projects. I am showing you a few of the colours in the preview above.

Want to see all the other 29 colours it comes in? Then click either HERE or the Colour Chart link at the top of my blog. This takes you to a PDF that you can save and print using your own printer. This way you can see how my colours print and also help you colour match any craft or scrap project you make. If you look at the Colour Chart it has Brights, Pastels, Neutrals, Vintage and Miscellaneous colors, I did my best to cover all sort colours and give you a good deal of choice such as 4 shades of purple and 5 of pink, 4 of blue, etc.

I also try to make my patterns in a way that are meant to be Ink Savers. Printer ink is expensive! I like to conserve the best I can and I know you do too so I do my best to make prints that will save you ink, printing time and money.

I love my colours so much I've already made 3 different pattern set in all the colours already! I sure hope you love them as well. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think. Also if you are having any problem with the colours looking nice with your brand of printer, TELL ME PLEASE! I will be more than happy to adjust the colurs to suit the most.

Here are your downloads:

DOWNLOAD 12" x 12" Digital Scrapbooking Size

DOWNLOAD A4 World Size

Download US Letter Size
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29 March 2012

CDACPC 14 Oopsie Card

Here is a card I finally made with this one of this round's digital stamps. Please check out the digi stamp challenge over at the CDACPC 14 Progressive Challenge page.

The oopsie part came in when I tried colouring the digi stamp with watercolour pencils. The pencil part turned out fine but when it came time to use my water brush, the ink bled and the paper warped terribly. UGH! Since it's the end of the month I didn't have time to print off another one I tired to doctor it up the best I could so there is all kinds of stuff on this stamp...lol. I used chalks, ink daubers, Copics and regular coloured pencils. The final result is the above which turned out looking more Autumnal so I chose paper and cardstock with those colours as well. 

Of course I used Distress Ink in Old Paper all around the edges of everything on the card to get the colours to blend together. The 2 paper prints I used were created by me in Photoshop. One is a large damask pattern and the other is a fine plaid. (Keep an eye out for these plaid papers tomorrow which will be a nice freebie for you...in 35 different colours....more to come on that as well!)

The scalloped card and the inner scallop frame were cut out on my Silouette machine, finishing with a raffia bow, flower coloured to match with a mix of ink to get the right shade and a sentiment that came with a set freebie from a craft magazine which of course was coloured in my me to match using the pencils. I have a card ready to give this coming Fall...lol.


Digital Stamp - Ike's Art
Tannish brown and burgundy cardstock from DCWV Naturals Stack (12"x12")
Plaid & Damask papers in beige tones designed by me and printed on my Inkjet printer.
Distress Ink in Old Paper
Raffia (from my stash)
Paper flower - Mulberry Crafts UK
Sentiment - freebie from crafting magazine
Silouette SD Cutting Machine and scallop shape create by me.
Derwent Watercolour Pencils
Dovecraft Chalks
Cheap kids coloured pencil set
Copic Markers

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24 March 2012

YEAH...Pinterest - New Terms!

Well they did it! I know many are glad they did....I know I sure am! Pinterest has updated their terms of use/service. Go have a look here:

There were many things in it that many people were up in arms about and caused me some concern also regarding copyrights. So what I did was write a Pinterest Terms page which says that I allow pinning of my own images and will only pin image that I know allow it as well. You can read my Pinterest Terms Page HERE. While there you can find out much more info on what the big deal is all about.

I'm glad Pinterest changed their terms but to be honest with you there are still a few concerns. I am going to KEEP my own Pinterest Terms page because I still think it's important for us all to be vigilant on the content we spread around the internet. I want to be copyright safe and want YOU, my beautiful reader, to be safe as well. This is why I'm going to be my own "copyright police."  You can rest assure that I will do my best to keep my blog a safe place for pinning. Don't forget to read my Pinterest Terms page!

Have a craft happy day, you beautiful reader you...lol.

Hugs, Dorothy

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15 March 2012

Free Printable Mother's Day Photocard

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday here in the UK and their may be some of you who got caught out for a card. Maybe I can help you out with today's freebie! (Yep the photo on the card in the above preview is me and my daughter Aurora when she was 8 yrs old. My photo is NOT included with this freebie...whew aren't cha glad? lol.)

I created a printable Mother's Day cardfront sheet here with decoupage layers and sentiments. The best part is it's a Photo Card! Just place a photo of your choice inside the frame to personalise it just for your own Mum. It's so easy to make a quick card,

I have the download for you here in a few ways. 

1. You can download JPG sheets in A4 world or US Letter sizes so you can print straight from Windows Picture Viewer.

2. If you would like to add your photo to your card using your own Cardmaking Program such as Serif's Craft Artist, My Craft Studio, etc or using a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop Elements, then download the ZIP file that contains everything on the sheet as individual PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

It's your choice...then just PRINT, CUT and CREATE your card!

First here is the ZIP file of PNGs:  DOWNLOAD PNGs

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14 March 2012

Just for Fun - What Do You Need?

I saw this over on a blog post on Living Life Creatively and thought it looked like a bit of fun to pass a few idle minutes before going off to make dinner tonight. Why not give it a try and see what YOU need today.

Open a Google Search then enter Your Name then NEEDS, hit on that ENTER key and see what you need! Here is what I need today in the exact order in which they came up, of course I had to add a comment after each one...lol:

Dorothy needs... Someone Special  (awwww of course)
Dorothy needs... Marijuana (what?? lol)
Dorothy needs... Lotion (yeah I feel a tad dry today)
Dorothy needs...Her Scarecrow (hardy har har so funny I forgot to laugh)
Dorothy needs...Your Help (I always could use a hand)
Dorothy needs...a Live-In Job (I already have one of those thank you)
Dorothy needs... Help Fast! (help I've fallen and I can't get up...lol)
Dorothy needs...Prayer (always and forever AMEN)

Have a fab a liscious day!

Hugs, Dorothy

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12 March 2012

Sick? Then SHOP Online!

When you've been as sick as I've been the last couple of months, you can get a bit stir crazy. I didn't go out much except to the doctors. Even though I was weak and didn't do too much, I was still stir crazy, especially as I getting better. I also needed some inspiration. I wanted a few new crafty items to add to my stash that would inspire me and also be quick and easy to add to any project. The photo above was my results from a few hours of surfing.

It all started with me blog hopping, you know..as you do...I went through my Google Reader to see what was new and I landed on a blog with cards covered in tons these flowers. Lucky for me she had a link to the site. So I followed the link and found alllll kinds of beaituful flowers at a VERY good price with really great postage costs. And that site was Mulberry Crafts UK. As I looked over all the pretty flowers in all kinds of colours I got a bit confused on the sizes of the flowers but I didn't care too much. They were so pretty! Since my budget was limited I ended up with a selection of flowers in white, cream and ivory. My idea was that I could colourise the flowers myself using my Copic Markers, Distress Inks and watercolours. There were a few exceptions though. I ordered light purple Lilac a bag ofyellow centred daisies and on the sale page was a set of black large roses. Last but not least I also got a bag of cream organza bows which I will also dye myself.

Then I got it in my mind that I wanted to try Washi Tape. This is a big thing now in America and I was seeing it used on all kinds of crafter's blogs. If you don't know what it is....Washi Tape is a Japanese Masking tape that comes in lots of colours, designs and widths. They are easy to use since they are a sticky backed tape go great for borders and such. Another thing is Washi Tape is also a bit transparent. So off on a Google search for Washi Tape. I found a few places but I ended up on my tried and true Amazon.co.uk. I found some at a shop called Object&Line that sold through Amazon. While looking through their shop I also found this really cool twine set by Nutscene. I wanted Bakers Twice which I will get later but I like this twine too. Nutscene twine is Gardener's Twine so it's a bit rougher and more like jute. I like as it's a bit more country...lol.

So that's the results of me being bored of being sick and having a crafty itch. I've used some of these in projects already and I really liked using them. I just ordered some more stuff I found really cheap and as soon as I get them I'll let you see 'em!

Hugs & Blessings, Dorothy
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