24 March 2012

YEAH...Pinterest - New Terms!

Well they did it! I know many are glad they did....I know I sure am! Pinterest has updated their terms of use/service. Go have a look here:

There were many things in it that many people were up in arms about and caused me some concern also regarding copyrights. So what I did was write a Pinterest Terms page which says that I allow pinning of my own images and will only pin image that I know allow it as well. You can read my Pinterest Terms Page HERE. While there you can find out much more info on what the big deal is all about.

I'm glad Pinterest changed their terms but to be honest with you there are still a few concerns. I am going to KEEP my own Pinterest Terms page because I still think it's important for us all to be vigilant on the content we spread around the internet. I want to be copyright safe and want YOU, my beautiful reader, to be safe as well. This is why I'm going to be my own "copyright police."  You can rest assure that I will do my best to keep my blog a safe place for pinning. Don't forget to read my Pinterest Terms page!

Have a craft happy day, you beautiful reader you...lol.

Hugs, Dorothy

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