14 March 2012

Just for Fun - What Do You Need?

I saw this over on a blog post on Living Life Creatively and thought it looked like a bit of fun to pass a few idle minutes before going off to make dinner tonight. Why not give it a try and see what YOU need today.

Open a Google Search then enter Your Name then NEEDS, hit on that ENTER key and see what you need! Here is what I need today in the exact order in which they came up, of course I had to add a comment after each one...lol:

Dorothy needs... Someone Special  (awwww of course)
Dorothy needs... Marijuana (what?? lol)
Dorothy needs... Lotion (yeah I feel a tad dry today)
Dorothy needs...Her Scarecrow (hardy har har so funny I forgot to laugh)
Dorothy needs...Your Help (I always could use a hand)
Dorothy needs...a Live-In Job (I already have one of those thank you)
Dorothy needs... Help Fast! (help I've fallen and I can't get up...lol)
Dorothy needs...Prayer (always and forever AMEN)

Have a fab a liscious day!

Hugs, Dorothy

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