26 August 2011

Friday Freebie - 3 Layer Flower

Last week I forgot to put this freebie up...duh! This week I give you this 3 layered flower cutting file. I have it a few formats for you but the one that is missing is the Silhouette Studio file. OK the story here is...my hubby is giving me his laptop as soon as he buy a new one which he needs desperately. So I had loaded my Studio software on this laptop so I could use it with my Silouette in my craft room. It's all set up, ready to go BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT...

My hubby keeps putting off the new laptop and he uses his all the time for work and takes it out with him. This mean I NEVER get to use my Silouette (GRRRRRRR) and also means I cannot convert my cutting files in it yet. I do give you the GSD and DFX files though so you can use those. Still I'm a bit GRRRRRR...lol.

This is a simple flower freebie but sometimes that's just what you need. Hope you can use it!

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