14 September 2011

Video Will Be Late

Hi everyone!

I've not had a Hybrid video for the last couple of weeks because of my new craft room furniture and rearrangement. I had to come up with a new way to mount my video camera. Well hubby and I were trying to get it up today because I was all ready for giving you a new video, it was all planned out and everything.

Welllll.....needless to say it hasn't worked out so I had to either come up with something different for this week OR not have a video for the 3rd week in a row. I ain't having that! So I am putting together a new video that is here on the computer but I got very short on time. This means your video will be here...just on Thursday instead of Wednesday...lol. I'm spending tonight in the craft room making my sample for you, then tomorrow morning I will record from the computer room.

I'm sorry for the delay but at least I will have a video for you this week....good thing, right??!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and have a terrific evening!

Hugs, Dorothy
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