07 January 2012

2012 Resolution #4 - Do What You Love

My 4th Resolution for this year is to spend more time doing the things that I love. I look back on 2011 and I see that I was really lost....and I wasted a lot of time doing things that I really didn't want to do or felt obligated to do. Mostly I was my normal dumb self and procrastinated way too much and NOT do things I a really love doing.

Of course there are a few things I love to do but alas I cannot do them anymore due to my wheelchair. The thing I love most to do in the world is dance. I took dance lessons from the age of about 8 until the age of 28. When I was a kid I took your standard tap, jaz and ballet. When I was 21 I was introduced to belly dancing! OK I love to belly dance call me weird but I took to it right away and took lessons, went to seminars, traveled to classes, etc. Once I settled down with a fiancee, I changed over to taking dance classes locally and I found a Hawaiian/Tahitian teacher who was lovely to learn from. I ordered costumes directly from Hawaii. I danced in reviews and in group dance competitions. My last show was a Regional Dance Competition in Philadelphia, PA, USA and I was month pregnant with my daughter. We were one of the many troupes dancing in the adult division and WE WON! The other thing was I loved Aerobic classes. I had built up to a one and a half hour power class...loved it. Those things were in the past though.

In the last 15 yrs I've developed other things that I love to do. Mainly this is designing graphics. I was so proud of myself when I took up Photoshop. I am self taught, it took me 2 years and I still don't all there is to know. This year I'm planning to go to Illustrator as I told you. I am really excited about this...I love to create pretties...lol. This one of the things I love to do that I'm going to spend more time doing. I also love to be in my craft room. It's not completely set up exactly how I want it but little by little its coming together. I love making cards...I love designing graphics for making cards. I love that I can take my own ideas put them on the computer, print them out and them create a real craft project with them. This is why I love hybrid crafting and scrapping so much!

So this is what I'm going to spend more time doing...designing and crafting! What do you love to do? Think of how to spend more time doing it. It will calm you down, make your happier and all those around you will reap the benefit of you being happier...that is for sure! Drop me a comment...I'd love to know what you love to do...lol.

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