01 January 2012


I hope you all had a very good start to 2012. Mine has started off a bit sad but I know things will get better. I received the news that my Mom is in the hospital. She has been sick for a very long time with her heart. So far she seems to be stable..thank you Lord!

I was reading one of my feeds yesterday and I received a post in my inbox by SuzyQ Scraps, a designer over at Scrap Orchard. It's about a habit she started by choosing a word to guide her throughout the year. I thought this was a fab idea so I am going to name a word to claim for 2012. If you read her post (linked on her name above) you see she chose the word "connect" as her focus this year.

For 2012, my focus word is going to be "ENERGY." This is so that I can get focused on not only increasing my energy in all I do but to also manage my energy wisely and not go off on tangents as I'm way too easily distracted. I have a cheap glass frame so today I am going to make a nice graphic of my 2012 Focus Word and hang it on my wall by my desk. It will be there to remind me to put more energy in all I do and think.

I also did New Year's Resolutions this year. I used to do them when I was younger then stopped for many years. I decided to start again because of a report that was announced here in the UK the other day. It said that people who make New Years Resolutions accomplish more than those who do not. It also said that even though most people did not fulfil their resolutions, it was the goal orientation of the poeple who made them that determined more success. Well I am a huge list maker and I very seldom do everything on my lists but if I put more "ENERGY" into my goals, then I will be more successful of getting things done. Even a tiny bit of positive is good thing right?

I made 5 of them and since I want to explain a bit about them, I am going to post one a day here on the blogeroni starting tomorrow. Most of my Resolutions are ones you've probably made in the past and may not be that exciting but hopefully my reasons behind them will spur you into at least thinking about making some New Years Resolutions of your own. I will also be suggesting some hybrid projects or other activities to help with each of my resolutions. Enjoy your day....have a great 2012 and hope you will follow me this week. Just enter your email address on the right and my posts will come straight to your inbox.

Peace & Blessings!
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