01 February 2012

I've Been So Sick

Here I am! Gosh I cannot tell you how sick I've been the last few weeks. I got a bad cold that over 2 weeks turned into a sinus and chest infection. I went to the doctor and received antibiotics but late that night my stomach and intestines rumbled and grumbled. Next thing you know I spent over a week in bed with severe intestinal problem. I could barely move plus I was coughing constantly due to the anitibiotics not working on my chest infection. At first it was thought that I became allergic to penicillin, now they are thinking it was just a bad batch of pills I was taking. No matter, I felt like death warmed up.

I have not been up in my wheelchair more than a few hours at a time but I am slowly getting better. I've been on a couple new antibiotics and this second one finally worked. I still get tired more quickly and I have a lingering cough. I have been thinking healing thoughts and each day I a getting better! Since I've have been feeling better, I've been wanting to get my designing and blogging back on track. I don't want to waste any more time this year nad my poor Resolutions need to be put back in place. I signed up for a few courses that start this week and you will be reading more about them as I progress. I will give you more detail about them tomorrow and will show you what I've done so far. I hope you'll join me!

Have yourself a really fab day...do a little something for yourself.

Hugs, Dorothy
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